Why Costa Blanca in Spain is still the best place for your holiday home?


Every year, thousands of UK citizens head to Spain for their holidays in the Costa Blanca region in Spain, and many are choosing to get a permanent holiday home there. The diversity of Costa Blanca means that there is something for everyone, and as detailed below, there are many more reasons why Costa Blanca is such an attractive location for a holiday home. Dolphin Properties have hundreds of houses, flats and villa situated in the Costa Blanca, please contact us to find out more.

Short flights

Flight times to Costa Blanca are relatively short, which means there is no need for long, stressful journeys to and from the holiday home. The short flights are especially beneficial to families that are travelling with young children and don’t wish to be confined on an aeroplane for a long period of time.

Ex pats

Costa Blanca is well known for its strong ex pat community, so it can often feel like a home away from home for some people. Many ex pats have set up businesses in Spain; this is beneficial for people that might not be familiar with the Spanish language, and who might otherwise feel like that they are too far out of their comfort zone when buying a home overseas.


Costa Blanca has something to offer everybody. For instance, younger people might want to head to Alicante to enjoy the nightlife, while older people might want to enjoy the quieter regions of Costa Blanca is such as Busot.


Another reason that Costa Blanca is such a popular location for holiday homes is the affordability of flights; flights to Costa Blanca can start from just £40 so it is ideal those on a budget.


The major airports in the UK all offer affordable flights to the Costa Blanca, which makes it easily accessible from just about anywhere in the UK. Heathrow, Manchester and Glasgow are just some of the airports that offer multiple daily flights to Costa Blanca on a regular basis.


Costa Blanca has numerous resorts and they all offer something different. Benidorm is known for its reputation as a party resort while Altea has the reputation for being one of the most picturesque resorts. Santa Pola is popular with families, and Denia has hundreds of restaurants.


The weather in Costa Blanca is nearly always good no matter the time of the year. Some months of the year such as April might experience more rain than others, but summer is always guaranteed to be hot. Winter months are nearly always mild so the region is ideal for those that want to escape to somewhere a bit milder during the colder seasons.

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, or even relocating to Spain, Dolphin properties can help you find the best homes in the Costa Blanca region.