Tips for letting a holiday home in Spain


Many people who we help buy a property for in Spain intend, for a least some of the year, to let their Spanish property out to holidaymakers. It is a great and popular idea to ensure that you as the owner can use it for your own Spanish holidays and then get others to cover your running costs through rentals. This is a simple plan which many people do so here are some hints and tips to help you succeed:

Holiday lets in Spain, especially in the Costa Blanca, when researched properly work very well and give great pleasure to the owners of the property and the people who rent it out. Be aware that Spanish regulation for letting tourist apartments (apartamentos turisticos) and holiday homes (viviendas vacacionales) in the short term vary according to the region where the property is located. So if you are intending to let out your Spanish property check that this is OK in the region in which you buy. The rules are similar to rules in the UK where you have local occupancy restrictions so it is nothing to be worried about you just need to check you can rent it out once you have bought it. At Dolphin Properties we can help you purchase the right holiday home for you.

Another good source of information is the town hall of the municipality where your Spanish property is located. They will be able to tell you what rules and regulations apply in their area. This is particularly important in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands where strict regulations exist and are closely checked. Fail to do this and you could find yourself facing a hefty fine.

Otherwise, speaking to local rental and property management agencies like us at Dolphin Properties will provide you with necessary information. Consulting an independent lawyer, one who is familiar with Spanish land law, is a further option. If your lawyer is based in Spain check that they are registered and practicing with the local Bar Association by requesting their registration number. You can then verify this and check that their name is included on the complete list of such Spanish lawyers on the website of the Consejo General de la Abogacia Espanola. Just like in the UK do your research before you buy!

In addition to that, if you are planning to buy an apartment that is part of a Comunidad de Propietarios, one administered by a committee of property owners responsible for the management of communal areas of apartment buildings/ complexes, you should also check if there are any rules restricting short­term letting – you don’t want to find this out once you have bought your property. These Spanish properties are often a really good option if you want peace of mind that there are complex managers on site. These Spanish apartments often also have amenities like communal swimming pools, gardens and tennis courts all of which are attractive for potential short term tenants in your Spanish property.

If your dream is to have a Spanish Holiday property then talking to Dolphin properties is your first step in making that dream a reality.