Quick Spanish Property Checklist


You must be as discerning about your Spanish property purchase as you would be about a property purchase in the UK. Here are a few of our top considerations when looking for your Spanish home. The Costa Brava has a wealth of great properties waiting for you to discover in all price ranges.

Viewing a Spanish Property Checklist

  • 1. Ask about utility bills, condo and any other associated fees. This is especially important if you are considering buying the Spanish property to rent out on a part time or full time basis so you can ensure all your sums add up to the perfect property.
  • 2. If the property has lots of land and you want to extend ensure you do some research to see if there is a possibility that you will be granted permission to do the alterations that you want to.
  • 3. If you are bringing the whole family to the Costa Brava then local schools are very important, you will need to consider the distance from your new home to the school and if you can visit the schools that are close so you are happy for the whole family to move.
  • 4. Local amenities like doctors, dentists, supermarkets and shopping centres are important you don’t want to be too far away from everything that you need especially if this is your first move to Spain.
  • 5. Learn some Spanish, you don’t have to be fluent but a grasp of the basics will help you get started, you can always take Spanish lessons when you are finally settled in your new Spanish home.
  • 6. Just like in the UK remember to look for any signs of damp within the property and if you do see it remember not to be put off as sometimes there is a quick and cheap fix but you do need to get it checked out before you buy.
  • 7. Check the condition of bathrooms and kitchens as these will be the most expensive items to update if they are old or simply not to your taste. If you know you don’t want to do any work at all on your Spanish property then take a look at some of our key ready properties.
  • 8. If you are looking at a Spanish Villa with a pool ask about maintenance and if your property is going to share a pool and perhaps other amenities ensure you ask about the associated costs.
  • 9. If you can, take a look at or ask about the neighbours, is the adjoining property similar to yours and is it rented out or does someone live there full time.
  • 10. Fall in love with your new Spanish property, after all it is a big purchase and remember to not only listen to your head but also your heart when deciding on your perfect Spanish property.

Finally – make sure you have a great time looking for you perfect Spanish property. There is lots of properties to see and it should be an enjoyable experience, call Dolphin Properties today and we can help you get started!