5 Stages of Buying a Home in Spain


Whether you are looking for a full time home in Spain so you can live and work in the Costa Blanca permanently or if you are looking for a great holiday home the actual process for buying a house in Spain is more straightforward than you probably thought. All of the considerations you would make when buying a home in the UK also apply when you are looking for your home in Spain, here are the 5 stages of buying a home in Spain and things to consider at each stage:

1. The Dreaming Stage

Long before you move to Spain you have probably been dreaming about your move and what it can mean for you and your family whether that be a new life in the Spanish sunshine, a great Spanish holiday home so you can make the most of your holiday time or more financial security by making a Spanish property investment to add to your portfolio.

If you can visit the Costa Blanca as it is a great place to buy a Spanish property and get a feel for the Spanish way of life, make some lists about what it is you are looking for in a Spanish home, this could include number of bedrooms, a private pool, short walk to the beach, great community feel or distance from airport. Whatever it is that is important to you in a property make sure you add it to you list so when you start looking for that perfect Spanish property you have something quick, easy and well thought out to refer to.

2. The Research Stage

Once you have decided that the time is right for you to make that Spanish property purchase you have been dreaming about you are moving into the research stage. Considerations at this point include deciding where in the Costa Blanca you would like to live and decide if it is a full time Spanish family home you are looking for, a relaxing Spanish holiday home or a property investment. When you have an idea of these things it is time to call Dolphin Properties, let us know what you are looking for and we can advise and start booking up some viewings for you.

3. The Searching Stage

This is the fun part – take your lists, and you plans and start viewing properties to see which of the properties we have to offer you meets your requirements best. Will it be that you choose a pretty condo on a golf resort, a little villa in a bustling Spanish town or a secret hideaway moments from the beach? Whatever you are looking for in your Spanish property purchase we can help find it for you. When you are visiting properties in Spain it is easy to get swept away by the climate and the culture, remember that property is a great investment so you should ask similar questions of both yourself and the property that you would ask if this was a UK property search.

4. The Buying Stage

Now you have found your perfect Spanish property it is time to buy! Dolphin Properties have a wealth of experience in helping people purchase their dream Spanish home – here are a few tips for this stage of your journey:

  1. Don’t rush into the decision to buy you Spanish Property, visit a number of properties to ensure that the one you have chosen is the one. But when you have decided move quickly to ensure you get the best price and don’t lose out to someone else.
  2. Find an independent, and unless you speak Spanish we do recommend an English Speaking one to support you in your purchase.
  3. Obtain a foreigner identity number known locally as a NIE (Número de identidad de extranjero). You will not be able to purchase your property without this. You solicitor can obtain one for you.
  4. Open a Spanish bank account, you will need the above NIE number to do this and remember to pick a bank that is convenient for you including checking out whether some of the staff can speak English in order to help you. It will be beneficial to also check and compare banks to see how much they charge for money transfers as this can impact your budget if you are transferring money from the UK.

The Moving in Stage

Now you have bought your Spanish home, you are ready to move in. Some properties are key ready and you will not have to do a thing, some come full or part furnished so you will just need to add your personal touches to make your new Spanish property feel like home. Many Spanish towns and cities have some great furniture and home-wares stores where you can pick up great Spanish home-wares. Learning to cook Spanish Tapas in your own Spanish home is definitely one of the big perks of living in Spain, and don’t forget to get that original list out so you can start to work through all the things you wanted to do when you were living in Spain.